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Top brands Hyundai and Kia have released a new generation of engines called LPi (Liquid Propane Injection) – they run on liquefied gas and are distinguished by the fact that gas is injected directly into the engine. Diesels are distinguished by such advantages: In the 90% case out of 100% of your selected instance will be in excellent condition. Many models are produced only for the domestic market of Korea and it is basically impossible to buy from us.

Want to buy a car in Korea? Congratulations, this is a good choice: the cars are not damaged, the range includes gas and diesel power plants, many interesting configurations are available, prices are lower than American ones, and delivery takes less time. Powerplant is maintenance-free Auction Auto can import for you any rare and exclusive vehicle that interests you. If you are interested in the car from Korea on the diesel, the Auction Auto team in just 5 weeks will deliver to Ukraine for you any diesel model that you like. We represent your interests at all stages of the process – we check the condition of vehicles before purchasing, control transportation, submit documents at customs.

This makes it impossible to physically damage machines during transportation. Since 2004, LPI gas engines have been equipped with such popular models in Ukraine as the Hyundai Sonata and Santa Fe, Kia Sorento and Optima. Orders are delivered in a special way – without using containers. While others wait for cars from America from 8 weeks. Gas powered vehicles are the most popular segment of the Korean market.

To find all the available offers of cars on gas, go to the catalog of cars from Korea, and select in the filter "HBO", then "Find", or click on the link Possibility of painless contact with water For this market is not characterized by mass sale abroad machines with emergency history, which you will not say about the US market. Korean vehicles are in the highest demand among Ukrainians: When the vehicle has already been selected, he goes to the site and personally inspects a possible purchase. If the TC will be after an accident, we will quickly find another similar car in impeccable state. Do not require repair Possibility of visual inspection of the machine before purchase The ability to start the engine even at extremely low temperatures There are unique configurations and models Higher torque compared to gasoline

Auto from Korea

BU Cars from Korea – purchase, delivery and turnkey customs clearance


p>Auction Auto imports used cars from Korea. The main advantages of gas machines from Korea: They can be exclusive in their design, configuration or equipment, it can be diesel or gas – quite rare for Ukraine. In Korea, the interests of Auction Auto are represented by the relevant specialist. Low cost of fuel Long service life without frequent maintenance Delivery takes less time You will receive your order from Korea in 5 weeks.

In addition, LPI power plants are devoid of ignition problems that the owner of a LPG vehicle complained about. No ignition system As a result, the engine becomes powerful, but uses fuel economically. Only after he is convinced of the excellent condition of the car, sends us photographs and his conclusions, we make a decision on the purchase. We offer a comprehensive turnkey service – purchase, inspection, delivery and customs clearance. For rare exceptions, the auctions present machines without damage.

While diesel engines are virtually unavailable in the American and European markets, there are thousands of diesel vehicles on the free market in Korea. High torque